Dairy farming



I tell you what, there is nothing better than a big, juicy cheeseburger.  Well, except maybe a big, juicy steak… Lucky for me, my freezer is filled with ground beef, steaks and roasts and I didn’t even have to go to the grocery store! Whaaaaaat?! A few months ago we discovered we had a heifer […]


It is no surprise that the population is growing and folks are quite removed from agriculture. (Do I sound like a broke record yet? I feel like I say this all the time…. I think consumers want to know how their food is grown and raised, but they seem to have trouble understanding our practices. […]


So my friend came over the other day to bake cookies with me. It was  basically just an excuse to get together and drink wine, but we ended up with a few batches of cookies.  I’m not much of a baker, so I stuck with the classic chocolate chip cookie. I’m a wild one, alright. […]


You haven’t heard from me in awhile and are probably like, “MDFC, what’s the deal?”.  Here is the deal.  I have been working with someone to update the look and accessibility of my blog.  I was hoping to debut this post with my new look, but we hit a snag.  So, while we wait enjoy […]


We have been preeeetty busy around here. We harvested our 4th crop of haylage the first week of September and soon after that we began corn silage harvest. Which is probably why you haven’t heard from me in awhile. Well, that and my addiction to reality TV…I just cannot get enough of those housewives and […]


I recently posted about this subject on my facebook page and thought it would be a good idea to put it in blog form and share this info with you all.   Have you seen the recent ads for Dairy Pure? With their five-point purity promise, It sounds like their milk is the best of […]

Milk Fever.  No, it is not the intense craving you get for a glass of ice-cold milk or the belly ache you feel after competing in a milk drinking contest at the county fair.  Milk fever is a metabolic disorder caused by a low blood calcium level and is common among cows who are close […]

Ugh.  Not a good start to my week.  Let’s start this story from the beginning…  This past weekend I went back to my hometown to visit family and help a good friend of mine pick out her wedding gown.  I was ecstatic early Saturday morning when I received a picture message from my husband informing […]

Things are getting HOT today, we are talking about reproduction! (Cue sexy music). Okay, cool your jets; it is not as wild as you might think. In fact, on many dairy farms, reproduction in cattle doesn’t even involve a live male (bull). A majority of today’s dairy farmers artificially inseminate their cattle .


Today my good friend, Jill, shares with us another side of the dairy industry; the “show” side. That’s right, cow beauty pageants. Dairy farmers are extremely passionate about dairy and many enjoy showing off their quality animals. Farmers travel great lengths with their cows to participate in cow shows and compete with others. Showing cattle is a great way to bond with cows and other folks in the dairy industry. Read below to learn more about the show circuit!