Dang Good Grilled Cheese


Guys.  I made THE best grilled cheese sandwich the other day.

Like so good. So good you might want to marry it.

Here is the line up; Smoked Gouda, caramelized onions and apples, and, of course, bread and butter.


It’s not exactly healthy, but I did put in a good morning of work that day.  So its okay.

I was up and at it around 4:15.  Okay, maybe not “at it” quite yet; had to have my coffee first.

After our morning dose of caffeine, the husband and I headed out to the barn.  My husband feeds the cows in the maternity barn and I  make my way into the milk house. I start by mixing up milk replacer for the calves and delivering it to them.

Some dairy farmers feed their calves pasteurized whole milk, from the cows.  Others, like us, use a powdered milk replacer.  Every farm is a little different and has different needs.  Milk replacer works best for us and our facilities.

The milk replacer is specially formulated for growing strong, healthy calves.  It has the perfect amount of protein, fat and nutrients needed.

I have never tried the milk replacer, but smells like cake batter and I have been tempted….

Calves, much like me, are ALWAYS hungry and begin jumping around and bellaring as soon as they see me arrive with their milk.

Ya, they are pretty cute.


We feed the calves milk twice per day and offer them plenty of grain and water.  Around 7 weeks of age, we begin weaning them off of milk.

Sorry, baby girl, gotta get off the nipple sometime.


Alright, enough about calf chores.  Lets make grilled cheese!

I started by peeling and slicing a small apple and onion.  Threw it around with some butter and sugar until tender and set it aside while I buttered my bread.

I would suggest using some big, ole thick bread.  The bread is going to have to support some major weight and some major deliciousness.

Next, shred your cheese.  You can slice it if you want, but shredded cheese will melt faster and if you are anything like me, you don’t have patience when it comes to getting food into your belly.

Assemble this baby like so; bread, cheese, onions and apples, more cheese, and bread.  Grill on low and enjoy!