A Simple Guide to Starting Your Own Bakery Business


If you are someone with a true passion for baking and possess an instinctual flair for creating your own delicious recipes, you may well be starting to consider the possibility of selling your cakes. With this in mind, continue reading to discover a simple guide to starting your own bakery business.

Secure Your Permits & Licenses Earlier

First and foremost, as it should be, the food and drink industry is exceedingly heavily regulated when it comes to safety and licensing, and as such, whether you plan on opening a physical bakery in your local town or want to concentrate on online retail, you must first obtain your permits.

Naturally, different states have varying permits, and it is crucial to contact your local authority to ensure you have the correct licenses before you begin selling to the public. You may need food hygiene licenses on top of your usual retail permits as well.

Look to Sell Your Bakes Online

The internet and the sheer accessibility of social media sites and official websites alike mean that launching a business selling beautifully decorated and delicious cakes and bakes online could not be any easier if it tried.

When planning to sell your food products online, always look for a reputable, renowned, and crucially responsible vendor who will allow you to retain as much control as you want or need when it comes to quantities and availability.

Invest in High-Quality Bakery Equipment

Even when starting your bakery business from scratch, investing in high-quality bakery equipment is an absolute must. Even though the initial outlay may need saving, consider the future and longevity of your company moving forward.

Naturally, different baking styles require different pieces of equipment, but having said that, several aspects are unified regardless of whether you will be focusing on pastries or cakes.

The key purposes your new equipment needs to fulfill include the following:

  • A convection oven for even baking and dry heating
  • Dough preparation tables, scales, sheeters, proofing cabinets, and refrigerators
  • Sales and display equipment should you be showcasing your baked wares instore
  • Ware washing and cleaning supplies

Advertising & Marketing

Finally, but perhaps most importantly of all, unless you have enough friends and family members to keep your bakery in business for the long term, you need to spend time and money on marketing and advertising your bakery business.

All marketing campaigns, irrespective of the industry in which the company is based, begin with a comprehensive market research project to determine the target market your cakes and bakes will be aimed towards. Your market analysis is essentially a summary of your market research and should always be included in your bakery business plan itself.

Always set goals for your advertising campaign which are realistic yet challenge you, the latter of which being incredibly important when you first launch a business of any nature. When it comes to designing your marketing campaign itself, it is also important to utilize your social media platforms, also ensuring all content is uniform across each of your business channels.

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