Which Are the Most Popular Small Pets?

Most Popular Small Pets

As a true animal lover, you may deal with various pets or zoo animals in a range of sizes. If you have an apartment or a small home or feel you can’t handle a large animal, you may want to look into some of the smaller ones popular in American households. Here are some popular small pets you may want to add to your family.


Rabbits are cute floppy-eared creatures that have often been featured in some of the world’s most famous cartoons and books, such as Bugs Bunny or Peter Rabbit. Rabbits aren’t just the animals of folklore, but they’re also very playful, sweet-natured, and don’t mind cuddling with their pet parents. Just be mindful that rabbits can multiply quickly and are vegetarians. When you add rabbits to your family, always give them a balanced diet that includes carrots and other vegetables. Don’t be surprised if they need to make a tunnel in your backyard or try to feast on your garden.

Guinea Pigs

When it comes to diet, guinea pigs enjoy a range of fresh vegetables and hay. Be careful to avoid adding foods high in calcium to your diet. Guinea pigs love to hide and dig. So you should ensure their pen from Clearly Loved Pets is set up with tunnels and dark hiding spots. These herbivores are popular with families because they are very gentle, so children enjoy them. To avoid loneliness or maladaptation issues,  add at least two to your home so they always have a companion.

Cats and Kittens

Cats are known for being some of the most independent pets you could ever have. You don’t have to worry about bathing your kitty, as you must with dogs, since they regularly bathe. You don’t have to take them on a walk, but always have an accessible litter box. According to some YouTube videos, if your cat is smart, they may even learn how to use the toilet.

While older cats may mellow out depending on their personality, kittens are just as playful and energetic as any puppy you encounter. Remember, cats have sharp claws and have a natural urge to scratch. So be patient if some furniture gets scratched up, but you can avoid that by providing scratching posts for them. You may even want to include a scratching post in their pet pen.

Most Popular Small Pets
Most Popular Small Pets

Dogs and Puppies

Dogs are America’s number one pet. People love them for their companionship, protection, loyalty, and service capacity. Remember, you should make time to walk your dog regularly. You may want to get them training to avoid obedience issues.

If you’re interested in small pets, you have plenty of options. When you prefer dogs, there are small breeds that remain small into maturity, such as Chihuahuas. From guinea pigs to rabbits to kittens, there are several smaller animals you and your family can love.

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