Aphrodisiacs: The most potent Aphrodisiacs

The most potent Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are products that stimulate a person, increase the sensitivity of his erogenous zone, and increase libido. Unlike the “Viagra” pharmacy, they do not appear, gradually increasing the libido and awakening in the head of the “victim” unknown thoughts, so you should not expect the immediate effects of love drinks. But eating them is much more fun and healthier than chemical pills.

What are the Aphrodisiacs? The principle of their action on the human body. History and current scientific opinion. Best aphrodisiacs for men and women.

What are aphrodisiacs drink?

Scientists logically connect the word “love potion” to the name of the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. She certainly knew how to ignite the hearts of her wards with passion.

Although a natural aphrodisiac was known to humanity long before the Greeks emerged with their Olympian pantheons:

  • In ancient Egypt, 18 tbsp. Before the start of a new era, they already knew the recipe for a drink based on the leaves of a mysterious tree, acacia, and honey, capable of “giving soft hardness”;
  • In papyri from no less ancient China, ginseng wine is mentioned as a potent aphrodisiac;
  • The Aztecs forbade virgins to take part in the gathering of avocados so that they did not accidentally give an innocent beauty to a not at all innocent understatement;
  • Chocolate and today regularly tops all kinds of TOPS of love potions around the world, served as an essential feature of the sacrament of marriage among the Maya;
  • The stories of 1000 and 1 Nights, the source of which have been lost through the centuries, tell of a merchant who managed to produce offspring only thanks to the miracle of coriander.

Scientists say that records of herbs, spices, and foods that induce desire in men and women and increase their fertility, that is, the ability to conceive, can even be found on symbolic Sumerian tablets!

Modern science speaks better about the effects of loving animals. Studies have not yet been able to prove a clear link between the use of certain foods and cravings, but various other facts have been confirmed.

Aphrodisiac foods can:

  • Relax the walls of blood vessels and relieve circulatory disorders (the groin area is no exception);
  • Saturate the blood with nitrogen, and accelerate blood flow;
  • Improve the sensitivity of erogenous zones;
  • Participate in the production of the male hormone testosterone or female estrogen;
  • Increase your energy level and give you strength for long-term love games;
  • Strengthen immunity, improve metabolic processes, and have a positive effect on the condition of the body.

Some natural aphrodisiacs act as a placebo and put a man on the right wave of his presence. For example, many people associate chocolate with romantic dates. A dish with oysters suggests that a person who tasted it last night will show miraculous endurance in bed.

But since aphrodisiacs work much more subtly than medicinal substances, and the reaction to them depends to a large extent on the physiological characteristics of the body, you should not pin your main hopes on dishes made from “spicy” products. Prepare an aphrodisiac from avocado but from chocolate – a way to return lost activity will not work with the most advanced culinary expert.

However, regular consumption of “domestic” aphrodisiacs has a good effect on health in general and hormones in particular, increases fertility, improves the function of some organs, tones up, and, over time, inevitably begins to have a positive effect on the quality of intimate life. Suppose you’re more interested in immediate reactions. In that case, the right choice of aphrodisiac can, in some cases, encourage existing interest and attraction between people. Still, it cannot serve as an aphrodisiac for two strangers.

As an unbiased review of aphrodisiacs, here’s a quote from Steve McGough, associate professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Human Sexuality. He said: “There is no clinical evidence that foods can act as aphrodisiacs, but there is also no evidence that they do not. ” In other words, do not wait for ready-made recipes. Experiment, search, enjoy the process – and … everything can be. And where to start the search, we will tell you.

The most potent love drink for men and women

Once upon a time, much emphasis was placed on the differentiation of products in aphrodisiacs by women and women. About 100 years ago, at the beginning of the last century, a story spread around the world (although without any guarantee of its authenticity) about the European artist Caroline Meitinger, who caused unrest among the natives of the Solomon Islands just by eating bananas, which was considered an exclusively male fruit. Whether this case happened, we will not vouch for it. However, some dishes are, in fact, still traditionally divided “by gender.”

Aphrodisiac products for men

The effects of the products recommended for use by the more robust sex aim to stimulate the central nervous system and blood circulation, increase sensitivity, relax, relieve anxiety, and consequently increase self-confidence. Sometimes this is already enough to deal with, for example, mild psychological disorders.

List of the most potent aphrodisiacs for men:

  • Oysters … The “love potion,” according to legend, which has secured the famous reputation of Giacomo Casanova as the most fantastic lover in the history of humanity, is rich in zinc, which activates the synthesis of testosterone and sperm production. It is also rich in iodine, which regulates the thyroid hormone level and is responsible for libido. And the right to be called an aphrodisiac for oysters was secured by their ability to increase dopamine levels and arouse happy anticipation of the upcoming date in the soul.
  • Black and red caviar are… Excellent choice for a romantic dinner! Zinc, iodine, and selenium will strengthen male potency, protein, and amino acids L-arginine will provide energy, A, C, D, B2, B6, B12, and PP improve well-being. And all this without depression in the stomach or drowsiness!
  • Eggs … If purchasing oysters and caviar does not meet every budget, then chicken eggs are a very democratic product. They earned a worthy place on the list of love drinks for the protein that relieves fatigue and increases sperm count; lutein, among other things, neutralizes free radicals and prevents aging, vitamins B5 and B6, which are involved in regulating hormone levels.
  • Onions and garlic … It seems the most unsuitable for amorous gathering products are potent aphrodisiacs. And all thanks to the ability to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs, thereby improving the quality of sex and serving to prevent impotence. In addition, both plants stimulate testosterone production with zinc and strengthen strength and health with a wide range of minerals and vitamins. An additional plus of onions and garlic is that there is no need to eat them on the eve of a hot date. It is enough that these vegetables are regularly present on the menu.
  • Honey … Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, Chinese and Indians, Arabs, and our Slavic ancestors considered love to be one of the best aphrodisiacs that nature created. And modern scientists have confirmed their opinion by finding B -vitamins and boron in fragrant treats, which are involved in the production of testosterone, and nitric oxide, which increases blood flow. Linden, date, chestnut, thistle, and thyme honey are considered particularly healing. Above all, please do not use it with hot drinks so as not to reduce the content of valuable nutrients.
  • Nuts … Recommended for use by representatives of both sexes, as they are easily absorbed, quickly relieve the feeling of fatigue, and give strength for long love marathons. But among male aphrodisiacs, sperm-count-boosting zinc-packed pistachios, coconut, and super-functional pine nuts hold the palm. The latter, by the way, is best mixed with honey, increasing their strength.
  • Pineapple … Among the benefits of tropical fruits are B vitamins and potassium to increase endurance, the enzyme bromelain to provide lightness in the stomach, and manganese for the normal functioning of the reproductive system. In addition, many men use the love potion as a natural… semen sweetener. You can not only benefit your body but also please your friends!
  • Basil … For centuries, this fragrant herb has been an indispensable part of medicines that ignite passion and increase human fertility. Believed even the smell of basil to possess an aphrodisiac! Today, the fragrant spice is appreciated for the bright notes it gives to dishes, a lot of vitamins, and the strength that wakes up after eating it.
  • Vanilla … Oddly enough, but spice with a delicate, sweet, emotional scent is more in line with soft femininity, as it more often causes an increased heart rate in hard male hearts. Maybe this is why the scope of pollen application is not only limited to cooking but also includes perfume?

Note! Even the most potent aphrodisiac becomes ineffective if the libido is reduced due to physical illness or severe neurological disease. If failures in intimate meetings are no longer even once, do not rely on honey and nuts: go to a doctor or at least rest well and try to reduce stress in your life.

The most potent Aphrodisiacs
The most potent Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiac products for women

The list of aphrodisiacs for women often includes products recommended for the more vigorous sex. For example, it is also recommended to use honey for ladies who want to evoke a sleeping feeling in themselves and shed light on close relationships – although, in the fair sex, buckwheat, mint, and acacia varieties are considered more beneficial.

They are called love potions and nuts, especially almonds, rich in omega-3 acids, vitamin E, and magnesium, cashews high in folic acid, and Brazilian nuts, which are valuable in selenium. But some products have earned fame “exclusively female.”

Best love drink for women:

  • Seafood … Anything caught in the ocean and delivered to store shelves is almost guaranteed to contain most of the periodic table and work for the health, beauty, and libido of everyone, except allergy sufferers. However, the following aphrodisiac will better cope with normalizing the hormonal background and intimate life of actual sex: shrimps, mussels, squid, seaweed, and fish – haddock and mackerel.
  • Celery … The “uncrowned queen” of France, Marquise Pompadour, left behind not only the glory of a charming woman and a great craftsman but also a recipe for a salad with celery. According to rumors, it was with this vegetable that the beauty had a slim waist, perfect skin, and tireless sexual energy, which enabled her to remain a favorite with Louis for almost 20 years. Researchers have not yet agreed on how an aphrodisiac works. Still, the plant version of the male hormone aldosterone likely is to blame. Under normal circumstances is released along with the sweat of a tense man and causes mutual desire in a woman.
  • Carrot … Let’s not go too far with an example: the same unparalleled Pompadour drank fresh carrot juice every morning to battle competitors with a great complexion during the day and at night to experience a positive feeling in the king’s bed. Modern scientists believe that the intensity of orgasm was influenced by the complexity of vitamins A, C, and E, which combine well with beta-carotene and selenium. For home use, a sunny love drink is best, but mix its juice with milk and a drop of olive oil for better absorption.
  • Mango … The fruit is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E, which increase a woman’s sexual performance. You can see that it is not without reason that another name for the aphrodisiac sounds like “the king of Asian fruits.”
  • Avocado … In terms of protein content, the fatty pulp with a creamy consistency and nutty aroma can compete with meat. It contains more potassium than bananas, so dishes with avocado will also benefit you. But the female body, perhaps, needs them even more because of the effective combination of folic acid, sulfur, magnesium, vitamin A and E. The skin and hair condition slows down aging, strengthening health.
  • Fruits … Lots of vitamins and minerals, pleasant taste, ability to clear toxins from the body, have a good effect on the condition of blood vessels, restore order in hormones – all this, to some extent, is characteristic of many sweet, sour and semi-sour fruits. But since we are only interested in women’s love drinks, the list will only include watermelon, apples, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, currants, blueberries, and dates. Not that the other fruits are useless, but they are considered the most effective in reviving women’s libido. They are best eaten with honey and nuts.
  • Black chocolate … Who would have thought to buy a modest chocolate bar in a candy store? You can purchase both an aphrodisiac and an aphrodisiac “in one bottle”! The pleasure of many, sensitivity promotes the production of serotonin, which is responsible for the feeling of satisfaction, increases confidence in one’s attraction, plunges into mild joy, and caffeine and theobromine hidden in chocolate increase the production of female hormones, increasing desire. And the rumor also goes that the employees of the chocolate factory do not sit with girls, as the sweet aroma that comes from them makes fans fall in groups at the feet of the beauties.
  • Ginger … By speeding up the blood circulation, the spicy roots flow to the erogenous zone of the body and increase their sensitivity. The affectionate ginger also affects the more vigorous sex (for example, as a stimulant for testosterone production). Still, it manages to arouse female sexuality better. Saffron, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, and chili are also on the list of spice germs of the excellent sex.
  • Angelica and Melissa … Aphrodisiac tea from plant herbs act on several fronts of the female body at once: relieves tension, strengthens blood vessels, increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones, balances the work of the reproductive system, and allows the beauty to feel calmer and happier.

Note! After deciding to treat yourself and your partner to a dish with a love potion, do not forget to explain the taste of your loved one and whether he is allergic. All your efforts will be in vain if it turns out at the table that the chosen one hates eggs from childhood or starts sneezing and scratching actively near the various nuts.

Other “broad-acting” aphrodisiacs suitable for increasing libido in men and women include pomegranate, peach, fig, banana, blueberry, asparagus, artichoke, cumin, clove, marjoram, cinnamon, mustard, horseradish, olive oil, and truffle. …

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